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Boat Plans

Hey, James here. I’ve bought MyBoatPlans and this is my honest review of it. I will be covering the pros and cons of this product.

Have you been thinking about building your own boat, but think it may be too much hassle? Don’t give up on your dream just yet! It is true that boat plans can be pretty complicated. No matter how passionate or enthusiastic you may be about having a boat made by your own hands, it won’t make up for being stuck with a boat plan you simply cannot follow. Luckily for you, there’s MyBoatPlans.com. Master Boat Builder Martin Reid shares his 17 years of boat building experience with you on this site.

All boat plans are not created equal. Sure, there are a lot of boat plans floating around out there on the Internet, but not all of them will be worth your while to use. You see, in order for a boat plan to be able help you make the right boat for you, it must fit certain criteria. This is especially important if you are a beginner! Even if you are full of passion and enthusiasm for trying your hand at building your own boat, complicated instructions can thwart you. If you want boat plans that will deliver results, you should use MyBoatPlans.com.

Of course, the right boat plan is the key to your boat turning out just the way you want it. With so many plans out there, picking the right one for you can be a daunting task. It may be tempting to do a quick search and settle for the first plan that catches your eye, but this could be a huge, money-and-time-wasting mistake! Let’s look at some things to consider before making the plunge.

MyBoatPlans is a collection of 518 boat plans, 45 videos on boat building and hundreds of pages of illustrated guides on boat building. It provides a comprehensive package that contains all the plans and directions that will help you build any type of boat you would like to build.

Boat PlansThe boat plans offered by MyBoatPlans.com are created by Martin Reid, a Master Boat Builder and Member of American Boatbuilders Association. He has over 17 years of boat building experience that grew from a love of boats that began in childhood, when, with the help of his father, he built his first small boat. His first few attempts at boat building after his interest was renewed as an adult ended in frustration. Luckily, he eventually met a master boat builder who worked with him and taught him some very valuable information. He was able to put what he learned to use and, over the years, created hundreds of his own designs that were just too good not to share. On MyBoatPlans.com, he shares his many years of knowledge with you. He understands first-hand the frustration and disappointment of a boat plan that doesn’t do its job and wants to keep others from experiencing the same negative experience.

Many boat plans are complicated and hard to follow. They can leave you—as they left him—with only a half-finished boat to show for all the time, money and effort you put into building it. Visiting this site can save from all the hassle with its clear, concise boat plans laid out in an easy, step-by-step format. You need not be a master boat builder to be able to put these instructions to use for you. In fact, these plans are so simple, you can start building a boat today, even if you have no experience!

Boat PlansMyBoatPlans.com offers an entire collection of easy-to-follow boat plans for the price you could easily spend on a single boat plan. With a huge selection of over 200 boat plans, including everything from canoes to submarines, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. This site even throws in some bonus plans!

What You Get With The Package:

MyBoatPlans is an instantly downloadable product that you can look through right after sending in your payment. Aside from 518 specific plans for different types of boats, your purchase will also include 40+ videos and four bonuses with more than $1000 of value.

This bonuses include a feature-rich, multi-license software program to create any type of floatable object (including a boat, of course), rare books on boat-building that were previously only accessible to professional boat-builders, an in-depth review of 107 boat designs, and a commercial boat-builder’s handbook on safety regulations and consumer fact sheets.

What I Like About It:

– Huge Amount Of Diverse Boat Plans

Imagine choosing which among those 518 plants you should start with. There are so many projects to do, you will not run out of them. What is more, these projects are written in clear and understandable language, so they are perfect for beginners but also suitable for experienced builders because of the huge assortment of simple and less simple boat plans.

– Over 40 videos of step-by-step boat building

The 45+ videos on boat building leaves no stone unturned. It consists of the entire boat building process from conception to the final product. It is great for beginners who want an easy to follow video guide on boat construction. There are also videos on boat repair and boat design calculations which are great for professional builders.

– Great bonuses included

The bonuses you get with this product are great. You get a FREE boat designing software, a book on boat construction tips and the boat-builders handbook which is huge in and of itself.

– Full Color Pictures

I appreciated the amount of full color pictures and diagrams that are included in the manuals. I’m a very visual person, so it is easier for me to follow a picture or diagram instead of reading paragraphs.

What I Didn’t Like:

The plans are all in downloadable electronic format, which is great if your main purpose is to stop using paper and save the trees. But it can be quite a hassle if you want to have your plan sitting snugly next to you as you build your boat.

However, you have the option of getting the DVD set of MyBoatPlans.That way, you don’t have to download anything. But even the DVD format offered is not as convenient as a real paper plan.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes! Who cares if it is in electronic format anyway? You can always print the plans out when you need to. Plans4Boats is the only package that offers such a huge number of high-quality boat plans for DIYers and boat-builders.

It is a quality product that contains hundreds of boat plans. It has plans for boats, kayaks and canoes that can be built in under 4 hours, up to elaborate plans for sailboats and yachts.

MyBoatPlans gets 2 thumbs up from me!

Boat Plans

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